I get a lot of requests on email, Twitter, Facebook, and contact forms from users who are interested to write guest posts for Followgram.co. I thought it would be helpful to mention a few guidelines that should be followed before your posts are considered by our editor-in-chief Ewan.

So, how hard do you think it is to feature your post on Followgram?

Tom is a top-dog blogger and he thinks “Hey man, it’s damn easy. I can just spin some old trash and get it published.”

And Cody, a newbie, is quite understandably nervous and thinks “Well, I guess I need to read ‘the best book to become a successful blogger’ and perhaps seek the advice of an award-winning author.”

Well, folks! I’ll tell you what. Writing content for Followgram.co is not as easy as taking a candy from a baby nor as tough as eating an airplane.

If you wish to guest-post on Followgram, please keep these things in mind:

Our goal (and now your goal too) is to give Followgram readers what they want. Make sure your content is useful and informative. We believe, a good article is a melting pot of informative content, interesting tone (should talk to readers), excellent writing skills, and, of course, good content marketing skills. If you are a regular blogger, then you’ve probably spent tons of hours trying to incorporate these. Followgram gives you a golden opportunity to put your thoughts into action and post quality articles that will be appreciated by readers.

General guidelines

  • You will be focusing on writing content that will be useful to the readers. Ask yourself, “How will readers benefit from this post?” even before you choose a topic.
  • Write realistically. Readers love it when you include anecdotes or real examples to prove your point. Realistic examples are proven to gel well with the audience.
  • Make sure your content is original and unique.
  • Ensure that your content (text, image, or video) doesn’t violate copyright laws.
  • Send us an inquiry only if you are a blog owner and can write your own posts. No freelancers or hired writers, please.
  • If your post violates any of the above guidelines, you may not receive a reply from us.

How to approach us?

Please drop a mail to Followgram with the subject line “GUEST POST.”

  • Tell us something about yourself
  • Suggest titles for your articles
  • Tell us how readers will benefit from your post
  • Attach a couple of sample write-ups or just include URLs of your recently published articles

Article submission

Once we show you the green signal, please send us your article in a word document. Include all images and hyperlinks associated with the content. If we suggest changes, please take it positively and understand that we are looking to deliver the best experience to our readers.

Your post must:

  • Have a catchy title.
  • Have an appealing introduction that tempts visitors to read further.
  • Use bullets for points and bold font for titles, headings, and subheadings.
  • Have a neat conclusion that summarizes how your tips/points can benefit the readers.
  • Be 600-800 words long.
  • Have not more than two hyperlinks.
  • Have an author bio. You can include one hyperlink in your bio linking to your blog.


  • Do proofread and format your article before submitting.
  • Do ensure that your articles are plagiarism-free.
  • Do respond to readers’ comments as early as possible.


  • Submit or publish your article elsewhere on the internet. Once you publish your content on our site, we own the complete copyright on it.
  • Include affiliate URLs.
  • Insert hyperlinks artificially in the article.

Once again, thank you for considering to write for us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.